Alberta Deer Hunting 101

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White-tail and Mule deer are great species to start your big game hunting experience with, mainly because they are so abundant in Canada. They are also on the smaller side of the large game species, so field dressing and packing them out is a lot less daunting for beginners than something like Elk or Moose. Deer also contribute serious damage to natural ecosystems if left unchecked, so when hunters harvest them, they are actually helping native plants and animals thrive by reducing competition for resources.
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What I will learn?

  • Licenses
  • Hunting Gear
  • Scouting
  • Hunting Styles
  • After the Shot

Course Curriculum

There are many benefits to hunting. It is an activity that can be shared with your friends and family, and it can provide much-needed time away from the stressors of everyday life. It can also be an educational activity that teaches people about nature and wildlife. Hunting also provides the opportunity to harvest your own food, so you know exactly where it comes from.

  • The Benefits of Hunting Deer

There is a little bit of paperwork that we need to do before we start thinking about going out into the field. Apply for the following courses/licences as soon as you can as there can be fairly long wait times to get booked in. Then either continue with the course, or come back when you have completed all the following.

When out in the wild, you need gear that can hold up to anything the elements throw at it. You need a rifle that won't jam on you when you're trying to take down a deer, and you need a bow that will shoot straight every time. You need tools that won't bend or break when needed, and you need a knife that won't get dull after just one use. In this topic, we will cover all the items that will aid you in getting the job done.

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Material Includes

  • Hunting Gear Pack List
  • Hunting Gear Truck List
  • Links to Licensing


  • Internet Access
  • Computer ,Tablet or Mobile Device

Who is this Course For?

  • Beginner Hunters
  • Deer Hunters